• 9-speed Electronic Camera Slider & Motorized Panoramic Head
  • For smartphone, mirrorless & action cameras up to 750g, iPhone 7, 8, and X users Note: : The main camera lens has built-in optical image stabilization that will affect your results, use the front camera lens when in slider mode.
  • Great for product shots, works horizontally, vertically, manual or electronic mode
  • Runs 2 hours on rechargeable batteries or use with USB powerpack
  • 1/4″ mounting threads at bottom to use with tripod, suction cups for diagonal, vertical or inverted shots
  • Includes a 12 inch extra track

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Get the best deal on the internet with the Grip Gears Producers Comb. This is the world’s smallest camera motion control unit with extra length, designed by Hollywood veterans for small cameras, smartphones and. action cams. Capture and create Hollywood-style shots without the big budget and get FREE SHIPPING with this awesome deal.

The Producers Kit includes the original movie maker 2 remote-controlled motorized sliders, The Micro Dolly and a 360 panorama head which easily converts from one to the other in a matter of seconds as well as an extra 12-inch track for your slider.
With 9-speeds and multiple mounting options, automatic and manual modes, you will get silky smooth camera motion at any angle.


  • Includes Grip Gear motor, camera slider, Micro Dolly, 360 Panoramic Mount & an Extra track.
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping.
  • Motorized/Manual Camera slider and Motion Control, Compatible with Mirrorless, Smartphones & action cams.
  • Make the mundane magical.


Stay hands-free with the remote control.
Adjust the camera speed and direction while in motion without disturbing your footage.
Or simply use the D-pad on the main body.


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